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How can we lift up the voices of those who were displaced using words and images? This anchor pop-up will use photography and project words to give those who were displaced an opportunity to talk about their neighborhood. ADP grassroots leaders will work with community organizations, local businesses and individuals to capture content that will then be projected from the 130 Union St. storefront.


Through the showing of several films and a two-part community conversation the HOW CAN WE… FILM SERIES + COMMUNITY DIALOGUES creates an opportunity for ADP members and South End residents to imagine a sustainable future for their neighborhood. These events are aimed at exploring sustainable community-based opportunities in housing, transportation, grass-root economic development, the arts and the environment. Join us for these exceptional films and intentional conversations as we explore our shared community values, build capacity for civic engagement, and imagine a vibrant, inclusive and sustainable South End.

HOW CAN WE MURAL: Youth Vision in Action

Young people are creative, energetic and visionary. This public art project will display just how capable the youth of Springfield are by creating a mural that inspires and agitates Springfield to answer the question "How can we?" Young artists from all over Springfield will engage in several group conversations to plan and express their vision for the future of Springfield.

COMMUNITY GARDENS: Reimagining Urban Soil

As we recover from the tornado in the South End, we want to not just rebuild but also reimagine how we organize our urban space. A vibrant community garden will be a cornerstone in the new South End. With the expertise of various cultures ADP/ Casa Obrera will be planting a garden to feed the bodies of the South End with healthy local food and a space for conversations about how food is grown and distributed in our society to fertilize economic and ecological change.


The South End Hope Initiative will host an evening gala in the early summer months to bring our South End neighbors together in celebration of this extraordinary part of the City of Springfield. The outdoor evening event will include programming to highlight the work of the many project groups of the South End Hope Initiative and provide space for residents of the city to gather together and acknowledge the work done, while envisioning the work that is still ahead. The gala will be hosted by ADP at their 130 Union Street community center, which was in the direct path of the June 1st tornado. Residents of the South End and friends of ADP will have the opportunity to ask the question "How can we preserve 130 Union Street as a community asset in the South End and support its important contribution to the community through programming, renovation, and celebration?"


Changes to the Storefront

In preparation for the upcoming film series and projection project, the storefront has undergone somewhat of a makeover. A new 5'x7' rear projection screen has been installed to the center storefront window that will display content from the SEHI Visual Voices project at night.  

projection-exteriorExterior view of the rear projection screen at night.

An even larger regular projection screen has also been installed along the eastern wall that will be used for film screenings throughout the next few months.

rear-screen-projection-interiorInterior view. The screen for movie projection can be seen along the back wall.

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"HOW CAN WE..." at First SEHI Meeting

After the June 1st tornado hit Springfield's South End, Joseph Krupczynski of the Center for Design Engagement was asked by ADP to develop a public art project that would reside in their then vacant 130 Union Street building.  From the beginning the purpose of the project was to not only inspire and engage residents of the South End but also catalyze the city of Springfield, simply by asking: HOW CAN WE?

The first South End Hope Initiative meeting was held in mid-August. Joseph and I presented various projects and proposals for installations to the building that would allow the voices of the South End to be heard. Although I had previously worked with ADP before, I had never been to any of their community meetings until this one. 

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ADP Launches "HOW CAN WE..." Website

Welcome! This website will provide information regarding the latest updates to the SEHI / "HOW CAN WE.." projects at ADP.  Stay tuned for upcoming events at 130 Union and progress reports on each of the projects.

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